March 2, 2003

Blogtied! When I started blogging

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Blogtied! When I started blogging (thanks, Jack, I think), I did what zillions of others do. I clicked on the Blogger icon, picked a template and a name, and I was off to the races. After a while, I wanted to add links and a hit counter, and ol’ Jack came to the rescue. I realize now how nice it would be to have permalinks, and also to be able to do “the rest of the story” thing. Some of the stuff I spew into cyberspace is longer than the average post, and some people may not (gasp!) want to read it, forcing them to scroll their heineys off through a long post.

Upgrade to a fancier version of Blogger? Wait to see what Googleized Blogger will offer? I don’t think I pack the gear to tackle the “hosting” and web page thing.

While writing this, I thought I would see if the Blogger help page would tell me if one can add permalinks to the steam-driven version of Blogger I am using. Surprise. The Help feature is down!

Thinking about this is making my hair hurt.

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