April 30, 2009

Free-Market Capitalism – Yes!!!

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No bullshit “stimulus” money here.

No way. Instead, you’ve got a guy who could have decided to spend his life sucking on a governmental teat but, instead, was determined to take advantage of his natural-born right to “pursue happiness,” as the Founders intended.

Check out Jones’s Good-Ass BBQ & Foot Massage. When you get there, be sure to follow the links for more.

This guy has his shit together.

There’s a very serious lesson here, boys and girls.

April 29, 2009

The Obama Show and the Defective Bullshit Meter.

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For the same masochistic reason I often find myself watching the Sunday morning gasbags and reading Maureen Dowd columns, I watched the President’s self-congratulatory First-Hundred-Days Celebration news conference tonight.

Literally seconds after it was over, I fell asleep.

I figure the safety on my Bullshit Meter kicked in late. Just my luck. The warranty on the damned thing ran out ten days ago.

April 28, 2009

The One and the Potted Plant.

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The One: Hey, I’ve got a great idea. I’m going to order that we have a look-a-like Air Force One, followed by a military fighter plane buzz the Statue of Liberty and the Financial District in lower Manhattan.

Potted Plant: Mr. President, I question whether that is a good idea. That is the place where the September 11th attacks took place and so many people were killed. I think it will frighten the workers in that area, particularly those who survived the September 11th attacks, as well as those who lost loved ones in the attacks.

The One: What the hell do you know?

April 27, 2009

The Right Brothers.

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I’ve had a full day of Life 101, and I don’t much feel like writing. Seems like as good a time as any to share a bit of the Right Brothers and their “List.”

I got a kick out of it.

Here is their website.

Via Daily Uprising

April 26, 2009

Real Men …

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. . . get their nails done.

That’s that.

April 25, 2009

Thee-Ah-Tah: 1776

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john-schuck-smallBeing veddy, veddy civilized peeps, we spent last night at the thee-ah-tah, where we saw a performance of 1776 (there are nice photos from the production). The cast was outstanding, but I particularly enjoyed Conrad John Schuck’s portrayal of Benjamin Franklin. He is probably best known for his appeare in the movie M*A*S*H as Capt. Walter ‘Painless’ Waldowski, the “best equipped dentist in the army,” and Sgt. Charles Enright in the TV series McMillan and Wife.

Much of the theme (the debate over declaring independence from England) was quite timely.

If it comes to a thee-ah-tah near you, I recommend you see it.

April 24, 2009

She Surfaced. Oy!

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I have been so pre-occupied watching The One dismantle the Republic and the Free Market System that I had forgotten what a truly contemptible creep she is. The upside is that it was nice to see her sorry ass being grilled and smacked down after having seen a few of her loathsome performances when she was a senator questioning witnesses bloviating.

I wonder if she is kicking herself in the ass for having taken the Secretary of State gig. She really looks like Fido’s ass.

April 23, 2009

A Disturbance in the Force?

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During my morning grounpound, I encountered a perfectly normal-looking woman as I approached the center of town. She was dressed for work and had no indicia of being a nutcase.

As our paths crossed, she stopped, looked me in the eye and pointed over her shoulder towards the main intersection in town. She said, very angrily, “Why the hell are they digging up that sidewalk? They dug it up and replaced it just a few months ago. It’s probably just to give that contractor money. It’s a bunch of political bullshit, is what it is!”

I nodded and continued on my way around the corner. And, sure enough, they were tearing up what had looked to me (I walk there most days) to be a perfectly good bit of sidewalk. The point of this is not to speculate as to why they might have been replacing a large section of sidewalk (there may have been a perfectly good reason), but rather to focus on the reaction of a seemingly not-at-all crazy person.

I remain more than a little puzzled. Was she just a partisan hack, who has a serious case of the ass with Obama and Democrats in general? The demographics would suggest otherwise. I live in one of the bluest of the Blue States in a very, very Blue town.

My impression was and remains that people like this lady are just damned tired of being treated like “subjects” or “walking ATMs.” by the government (democrats and republicans). This is consistent with the spirit of the recent Tea Parties, even though they were largely ignored or their participants derided by the members of the MSM.

Still, a recent poll shows that The One is still very popular, which causes me to wonder just who are the people being polled? I sense that there is a simmering discontent on the part of far more people than the media would have us believe. The groundpound lady was one of the many really pissed off people I see every day, and this is Blue Jersey, not Red Texas.

The administration would be wise not to pay so much attention to the polls, but rather to keep an eye on what appears to me to be something going on (i.e. a lot of really pissed-off people) that the pollsters may be missing.

April 22, 2009

Earth Day.

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Holy crap! Earth Day is almost over, and I forgot to celebrate.

If I knew Al Gore’s present whereabouts, I’d go outside and fart in his general direction. Hell, I’ll just go outside and add to the methane levels in the atmosphere and hope that a few molecules of the bowel windage find their way to Al’s nares.

Calling All New Jersey Druggies, Scofflaws and Shoplifters.

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Tired of being hassled by the cops? Sick of being searched? Handcuffed? Booked? Locked up?

Is that what’s troublin’ you, Bunky?

Great news! Move here. Please.

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