January 30, 2012

The Vote Pump.

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As The One is fond of saying, “It’s arithmetic.”

January 28, 2012

Liberalism …

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The philosophy of the stupid.

January 27, 2012

The Oh-So-Charming “Environmentalist.”

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Some people just need to be smacked in the head with a sock full of shit.

January 26, 2012

Yo, Obama. Take Your “Fair Share” and Shove It.

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How’s this grab you? Thirty-six members of Obama’s executive office staff collectively owe the government $833,000 in back taxes.

I guess it’s not all that surprising, given that, in total, federal workers owe a total of $3.4 billion in back taxes.

I have an idea for cutting federal spending. For openers, howzabout firing those thirty-six White House tax deadbeats?

January 25, 2012

De Ja Vu … All Over Again.

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Same shit, different year.

January 23, 2012

One Person.

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Only one person in the United States has absolutely no responsibility for the shitty state the country is in. Yep, only one person is completely without blame.

Can you guess who that might be?

January 22, 2012

Sunny Discusses the TSA.

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She’s da bomb. Cracks me up, every time.

January 21, 2012

Republican Primaries.

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Jesus H. Christ! Please wake me when this bloody mess is over.

In November, I’ll vote for whichever one of them “wins.”

I’d vote for Satan himself rather than give the Marxist prick who currently occupies the White House four more years to finish the job of destroying the country.

January 20, 2012

Collection Calls … Assholes, You’ve Got the Wrong Guy!

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Over the past few weeks, I have received numerous recorded telephone calls from XYZ, Inc. (a financial institution to be named if this crap continues) directing me to call a telephone number to “manage my account.” Never having heard of XYZ, Inc. and, as such, not having an account with XYZ, Inc. I didn’t answer the phone when I saw that it was XYZ calling, hoping that the annoying phone calls would cease. As you probably have already guessed, the phone calls did not stop, but rather increased in frequency. Finally, I decided to call the number to put an end to the annoying calls.

I called the number that was stated in the recorded message, and – guess what – I got a recording, directing me to enter my “account number.” Not having an account and, therefore, no account number, I did not enter anything. The automated voice then said, “No problem, we can use your Social Security Number. Please enter your Social Security Number.” Oh, sure. I don’t know who or what XYZ, Inc. is and I have no account with XYZ, and you want my Social Security Number? Fat farookin’ chance.

When the calls continued, I went to the web page indicated in the recorded message, hoping to sort this out there. Once again, I was asked for my account number. Duh. I then tried the “Contact us” option with the idea of sending them an email. No dice. I was provided with a snail mail address.

I decided to call the number again, this time doing whatever was necessary to speak with a human being. It wasn’t easy, but I finally reached a human being. The call began with the person asking me for – wait for it – my account number.

I explained that I have no account number, because I have no account, and, indeed, I had never heard of XYZ, Inc. I advised the representative of the repeated, annoying calls to my home and my desire that they cease immediately.

She advised me that they are trying to reach a person with my first and last name, but with a different middle initial. I said, “That is not my middle initial; you have the wrong person.” She wanted to “verify my Social Security Number.” I advised her that there is no way I was giving her my Social Security Number. I agreed to give her my date of birth, which was enough to convince her that XYZ, Inc. was looking for a different person. She apologized “for the inconvenience,” (Don’t you love that?) and advised me that my telephone number would be removed from the system.

Guess what.

I received three more automated phone calls today.

I just finished writing these assholes a nastygram on legal stationary reminding them of my telephone conversation wherein XYZ, Inc. conceded that I am not the person they are looking for. I also reminded them of their obligations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and demanded that all telephone calls cease immediately.

If the calls continue, it’s going to get ugly.


January 18, 2012

Winter, Snow, Ice and Oy!

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It’s just a matter of time … blecch. Glad I don’t have to drive to work. Even better, I don’t have to work!

Thanks to Catfish for the video.

Linked by Doug Ross. Thanks!

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