May 31, 2003

Blogspot Blues Redux. Now,

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Blogspot Blues Redux.
Now, a bunch of archives have vanished. I am too aggravated to mess with it now.

Blogspot Blues. I see that,

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Blogspot Blues.
I see that, at this moment, Blogspot is only publishing three days worth of posts and leaving large no-text expanses on the page. Sheesh!
Hey Google Guys!! Fix this crap, PLEASE!!!!!!

A Chip (or is it

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A Chip (or is it “Chipette”?) off the Old Block.
It warmed the cockles of my heart (albeit that I do not know anatomically where my heart’s “cockles” are) to see how “well” TJ tolerates certain sounds and to see that we have about the same amount of expertise at making high-tech hardware fixes.

That’s my girl!

Note: Because the permalink is not working, to read the actual May 30, 2003 post, you will have to scroll down to the entry entitled “The Sound & The Fury: My New Career as a Technical Consultant.” This annoyance is brought to you, courtesy of Blogspot.

Another Reading Suggestion. In

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Another Reading Suggestion.
In browsing through my referral logs a while ago, I came across Not Quite Tea and Crumpets. The author is an American-British hybrid (What’s not to like?), who has an interesting and often humorous take on things. Give it a look.

May 29, 2003

Nodding Off. I went to

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Nodding Off.
I went to work early and got home very late. I find that I am actually nodding off at the computer. Dumb. So, with that, I will leave you with this this story about a Canadian, who really, really, REALLY didn’t want a DWI.

More later or tomorrow.

May 28, 2003

Good Idea Department. A colleague

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Good Idea Department.
A colleague passed this along to me the other day. I like the idea. Maybe you will too.

Since the Palestinians want a homeland and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to chop Israel up even smaller than it already is, here is a satisfactory solution: Let’s give France to the Palestinians! The French have already stated that nothing is worth fighting for. Besides, France has better irrigation and soil than the West Bank and Gaza strip. It’s perfect. The French won’t even fight back. And how about a new name for this Franco-Palestine?

How about Frankenstine?

10,000. Early this morning, at

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Early this morning, at 1:45 a.m. EDT, this place got its 10,000th visit. Number 10,000 was a reader in the Pacific Time Zone coming in via Color me amazed and most flattered. For some, 10,000 visits may be small change, but it knocks my socks off.

Thank you to all who, for one reason or another, stop by here. I suppose I should thank Master Sergeant John “Jack” Steele for a good deal of that traffic. Now, if Life 101 would just deliver unto me the island of time necessary to commit the next installment to “paper,” I would be able to thank him mo’ better.

Thanks again from the house by the Parkway.

May 27, 2003

Atlantic City – Twenty-Five Years and Still Raising the Stakes

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This week marks the 25th anniversary of legalized casino gambling in Atlantic City, New Jersey (here, referred to most often merely as “A.C.”). It is perhaps fitting that this week the New Jersey Casino Commission has announced preliminary approval of slot machines that will cost a whopping $1,000 per pull.

It is interesting to note that back in 1978, the backers of casino gambling promised state’s voters that slot machines would not be permitted in the casinos, urging that New Jersey’s casinos would have a “Monte Carlo” image. This, of course, turned out to be pure baloney, as the very first legal casino in Jersey (Resorts International) opened with lines of people formed in front of each of the hundreds of slot machines in the place (the most expensive of which cost $1.00 per pull). So much for the Monte Carlo image. Now slot machines account for approximately 70% of the casinos’ revenue.

The general consensus seems to be that gambling in New Jersey has brought with it mixed blessings. However, exactly what kind of blessings and exactly how they are mixed depends on who you ask.

True, the industry has produced more than 45,000 jobs, but it has done little to lessen the unemployment rate in Atlantic City itself, which hovers around 11.4%, which is more than twice that statewide average. It has been reported that the industry has pumped $7 billion of capital investment into the city (e.g. new high school and police station), but it is fair to say that the industry’s capital infusions have not had any effect on Atlantic City that is obvious to most people who visit.

What one finds in Atlantic City are a dozen self-contained, huge pleasure palaces, one more gaudy and glitzy than the next. Unfortunately, the portions of the city that lie between these gambling palaces remain, quite frankly, a dump. The reason for this is that there is absolutely no incentive for hotel developers to make it attractive for patrons to wander out of the hotels and, heaven forbid, actually spend some of their money elsewhere in the city. Indeed wandering outside the casinos can be downright dangerous, as, contrary to the predictions of the pro-gambling lobby 25 years ago, the crime rate in the city has risen over the years.

So, in my view, the mixed blessings shake out as follows:

If you like to gamble, and you can comfortably afford to do so, legalized casino gambling has been a big plus for you. Hell, if you gamble enough, most of the hotels will give you a free room.

If you are one of the 45,000 people who work in the casino industry, or you are one of those employed in related industries, such as food or linen vendors, good for you.

If you are a purse-snatcher, business is great.

If you are a member of organized crime, well, ……who knows for sure (said with tongue planted firmly in cheek)..

If, however, you are just a regular tax-paying schnook in the Garden State, and you don’t much care about gambling, the benefits of casino gambling to the state, while palpable (e.g. casino taxes helped pay for a prescription drug discount program for senior citizens, some low-income housing and day care centers), they are not nearly what the citizens could reasonably have expected after 25 years of booming success in the gaming industry, making people like Donald Trump even wealthier.

If you’re an Atlantic City resident, chances are legalized gambling hasn’t done much at all to improve your daily life.

Finally, if you are William Bennett, those $1,000 slots are just sooooo sweet.

May 24, 2003

Great Reading. Check out

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Great Reading.
Check out The Laughing Wolf. I have been reading and enjoying his site for some time now. I think you will be glad you stopped by.

Jersey Shore Memories. Cousin Jack

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Jersey Shore Memories.
Cousin Jack offers up remembrances of summers at the Jersey Shore in the well-known, well-partied town of Belmar. He also shares some of the goings-on at a genuine Parkway Rest Stop. Reading it made me think about those carefree and not just a little bit wild summers “down the shore,” which, in turn made me smile inside. Don’t miss it.

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