February 28, 2009

How’s it Goin’?

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Yo, all you working peeps who get a paycheck and who voted for Obama because he was going to stick it to the big, eeeeeevil corporations, how’s that workin’ out for you?

February 27, 2009


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It’s been a rough month.

We’ve watched the evaporation of much of our retirement funds, we’ve seen massive spending codified in a bill that no congressman or senator read before voting on it, we’ve learned that, unless you’re a union shop, you need not bother bidding on any of the “stimulus”-funded infrastructure projects, we’ve seen a promised tax assault on those who already pay most of the tax, we’ve seen a shamefully phony “tax cut” for some who pay taxes and even those who don’t, we’ve learned about fiscally crippling “cap and trade” solutions to a phony “climate change” problem, we’ve been told we’re “cowards” when it comes to the subject of race, and we’ve endured seeing The One and/or his wife on seemingly every magazine published in the U.S.

Oh, there’s more – plenty more, but the point of this little exercise is to tell you that the past month has rendered me incapable of writing much of anything at the moment.

I think I shall sit in a comfy chair and read.

Later, Peeps.

February 26, 2009

Blinking and Texting.

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A couple nights ago, Barack Obama addressed Congress. Sitting behind him were Vice President Joe Biden and the SPEAKER in the House, Nancy Pelosi. While Ms. Pelosi gave the impression that she was paying close attention to the proclamations from the podium, she was actually texting Hillary Clinton in the audience. This is not the first time they have done this, but this time PRS Operatives managed to intercept the cellular transmissions:

Nancy: Hey Hilly! I c u out there. How was China?

Hillary: Sucked, big time. I’m exhausted. Did u know that u can’t get a decent eggroll in that shithole?

Nancy: LOL Wait… gotta stand and clap.

Hillary: This is soooooooo boring, plus all this getting up and down is killing my piles.

Nancy: Piles? LOL! Barney Frank was complaining about his piles this morning. Said it screwed up his weekend!

Hillary: LOL How can u sit next to that dickhead Biden w/o puking?

Nancy: U have no idea what a douchebag he is. Right now I don’t know if he’s watching me text or staring at my tits.

Hillary: I’m thinking tits.

Nancy: LOL Wait… gotta stand and clap again.

Hillary: Ugh. The Preparation H hasn’t kicked in yet.

Nancy: Speaking of asses, BHO has a really cute one. I think he just shot me a special wiggle.

Hillary: Speaking of asses, BHO can kiss mine. This job sux. 2morrow gotta be on a plane to Madagascar for a tapioca festival or some shit.

Nancy: Don’t know where Madagascar is. LOL!

Hillary: Me either. LOL!

Nancy: Wait… gotta stand a clap again

Hillary: Damn. This shit is killing me, my ass is killing me and I’m friggin beat.

Nancy: Need a little pick-me-up?

Hillary: Pope Catholic?

Nancy: After this shit is over, meet me at Rangel’s office. The guys in his district get him the best shit.

Hillary: Expensive?

Nancy: Who gives a shit? I got a trillion bucks to play with. LOL!!!

February 25, 2009

Al Sharpton, P.O.S.

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sharpton-fistImus tried kissing Al Sharpton’s ass, and Sharpton screwed him. Rupert Murdoch obviously wasn’t paying attention back then, because he fell into the trap of apologizing to this race hustling P.O.S., and he too has been screwed.

For more than six years, I have tried to avoid dropping an unfiltered F-Bomb on this site, but I can think of nothing to say about Al Sharpton other than FUCK YOU, Al.

You’re worth about as much to a civilized person as is a spot of bird shit on one’s shoe.

At the risk of repeating myself, FUCK YOU, Al.

That is all.

February 24, 2009

A Letter From the Hinterland.

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Dear Barack,

Dude, your reckless economic policies are tanking the market and sending the country into a socialist death spiral.

Kindly withdraw your head and look around.

Thank you.

Your Ass

February 22, 2009

Executive Order Bans Publication of Ape/Monkey-Related Material

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Presidential Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced today that President Obama has signed an Executive Order in the wake of the publication of a controversial cartoon in the New York Post. Gibbs explained, “The Order is directed to the CEOs of broadcast and print media as well as Internet Service Providers and contributors to the internet.”

He quoted pertinent portions of the Order:

Effective immediately, any and all references to or depictions of any of the great apes or monkeys of any description is hereby prohibited as being contrary to the Administration’s goal of racial equality.

A PRS Operative asked whether the President considered the constitutionality of such a prohibition.

Gibbs responded, “We would expect a stupid question like that from a racist bastard like you.”

Details at eleven.

Possible Outage.

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Craig, the Nicest Guy in the Blogosphere, has advised me that he is moving stuff over to a new host. I don’t know if that will cause this place to go dark, but if it does, you will know the reason why.

That is all.

February 21, 2009

Bad and Really Bad.

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After closely watching our new President in action for a month, I have come to two conclusions.

The President either:

1. Has no idea what he’s doing; or

2. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Number 1 frightens me, and number 2 positively terrifies me.

Long on change, but short on hope, as far as I’m concerned.

February 20, 2009

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy ……

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Apparently longing to emulate the student protesters of the sixties, a group of NYU snot noses students staged a sit-in in a university cafeteria, complete with barricades and bullhorns (live blogged here). Among their demands were:

Annual reporting of the school’s operating budget, expenditures and endowment (transparency, don’t ya know)

Thirteen scholarships per year to Palestinian students

The donation of surplus supplies to the Islamic University of Gaza

Permission for graduate student teaching assistants to unionize

A tuition freeze (surprise!)

To its credit, the University was having none of it. Students were advised that if they didn’t leave the building, they would be suspended and possibly expelled. Some left, and others did not. Dozens of students were suspended, and non-student participants will be treated as trespassers.

If I were King, I would have sealed off all but one exit and waited for the students to come out one by one, and as they exited, I would have handed each one of them a notice of expulsion, reminding them that, in the grownup world, actions have consequences.

February 19, 2009

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Drummer.

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I’d like to drag my guitar out to Jerry’s place and give this a try.

Via Evilwhiteguy’s Blog

Update: Fixed to add the link to Jerry’s Place, which is always worth a visit.

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