March 15, 2003

Linkage. The other day

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Linkage. The other day I added three new links to my blogroll (I’m still learning the jargon). Within a week’s time, one of them, Phact Patterns, decided to pack it in. That wasn’t the first time my linking to a site was followed by its demise. Shortly after I linked to The Spoons Experience, a well-written, no baloney blog, the author closed up shop. (I have since de-linked his site, but I will happily add him to the list again, should he decide to resume blogging.) I was beginning to think I was the creator of jinx links when literally, the day after I got around to finally linking to Rachel Lucas, she said that she was taking an extended vacation (happily, she has already returned). It certainly could not have been something I said, as I never communicated directly with any of them (except for being one of a zillion people responding to Rachel’s request for suggestions for a new name for her blog). What’s up? Gott-damned spooky, if you ask me.

I suspect (but I am not certain) that I treat links like many people do. That is to say, I link to blogs that I like to read and that I think that those people who read my blather might also like to read. Almost always, I read them for some time before I add them to the list (I sense that de-linking someone is serious business). I have about three times as many sites bookmarked as those in the blogroll that I look in on just about every day, some of which I will eventually add to the list.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, and because I am too fried from the week to do any heavy mental lifting, I thought I would share some thoughts about each of the blogs listed in my blogroll, understanding completely that none of them needs an introduction from me.

Twisty: TJ and I are most definitely related. Indeed, I will be the proud father-of-the-bride proudly walking her down the aisle in a month or so. So, is should not be surprising that she gets top billing, and I make no apologies for that. As it happens, she writes well enough to occupy that spot anyway. In addition to working and closing in on a Master’s Degree, she’s also a talented singer and actress. She and I (I’ve been banging around the music business all my life) have been known to tear up a Karaoke bar or two just for shits and giggles. In fact, one time on a cruise ship, we did a couple duets on “talent” night, and the people in the audience thought we were members of the ship’s stage show cast pretending to be passengers. Shows you what a couple extra-dry martinis can do.

Jack Bog’s Blog and Yakety Yak. As many of you know, Jack and I are cousins. Last Fall, I sent him a few post-election political rants and, an e-mail, prompted by a post he wrote about the 50’s and 60’s group, the Coasters, describing an opportunity I had to play drums one time behind the Coasters. I suspect that he got tired of hearing from me, so he suggested I do a blog. Blame him. He is, and always was, scary smart. How else could one be a tax law professor? He also writes his ass off, and, as a Jersey native who has not lost his Jersey edge, Jack keeps the politicians of Portland grinding their teeth.

Ultimate Insult. One of the first link-portal sites I ran into when I started the blog, and I’ve been reading it every day since then. Great stuff.

How Appealing. The definitive appellate law blog. Having had the good fortune to have served as a law clerk in a federal appeals court, I find this site to be extremely interesting and informative. I do, however I wonder where Howard Bashman finds the time!

Instapundit. THE blog. We’re not worthy!

Ipse Dixit. A lawyer-blogger who is always interesting as hell. One of these weeks I’ll win the damned caption contest. I just know it.

Attu Sees All. Another link portal site, this one originating from outside the U.S. Arthur always manages to find interesting and offbeat things. I also must compliment him on his eye for excellent looking women.

Hanlonvision. Leigh Hanlon is nice guy and a talented writer from Chicago, with a keen artistic sense and who regularly, and in a most engaging way, calls our attention to things worth thinking about. He also takes great photos.

The Presurfer. The third link-portal site on the list, also from outside the U.S. I often wonder how he finds all those things. Great place to spend time.

Res Ipsa Loquitur. Rita is just plain special. She is an Arkansas lawyer who spends most of her time rescuing abused and neglected children from their “dysfunctional” parents or guardians. She then represents the interests of the children in ensuing court proceedings. When she is not doing that, she manages to find time to write an extremely interesting and entertaining blog. Definitely a class act.

Rachel Lucas. This is one smart, talented, take-no-prisoners woman who lives in Texas and has a bullshit tolerance of zero. I figure I am but one of zillion people who link to her site.

mtpolitics. Really sharp guy from Montana, who is politically perceptive, and who is the proud owner of a big sky sense of humor.

a small victory. Another well-known, ass kicking female blogger. The East Coast’s answer to Rachel Lucas, she’s not one to be trifled with. She is linked to by a cast of thousands.

i hate stupid people. An obviously very bright law student, who writes extremely well. As she is about to complete law school, she reports having learned the most important lesson – “don’t be an asshole.” (Sounds like she could be one of Sgt. Steele’s students.) That basic lesson is lost on too many members of the profession. I have no doubt that she will do very well.

Phact Patterns. Another seriously smart law student, who writes particularly well. What I really admire most is how he and “k” from “i hate stupid people” disagree on difficult issues in a most civil way. There is not enough of that going around. He’ll also do well after graduation. I’ll keep him on the list a while, in hopes that he will blog a bit when time permits.

Life After Fifty. I learned of this site from Rita’s blog and, after reading a particularly touching post, I linked to his site right away. Besides, I figure that the author and I were born in the same decade, and, as bloggers go, we are a both little long in the tooth and, therefore, a bit of a rarity. He also served in the Army and, in the touching post, related a story about a stuttering drill sergeant. What’s not to like?

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