February 4, 2004

Coming Soon.

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T.L. Hines will be interviewing Dark Horse Presidential Candidates, starting on Friday or thereabouts. It could prove to be very interesting and/or entertaining. It will be happening here every Friday.

Speaking of Dark Horse Candidates, my personal favorite was Henry Krajewski (pronounced Cry-YOO-ski). He was a pig farmer in Secaucus, New Jersey. (Many years ago, Secaucus actually was the home of many pig farms, and I swear that one can still smell the aftermath today.) He was also a saloon owner.

He ran for President in 1952 as the candidate for the “Poor Man’s Party” and again in 1956 for the “America’s Third Party.” Link. A most colorful character, he spent the rest of his life (he died in 1966) capitalizing on his presidential bids. He was quite a local celebrity and a much sought after speaker, all of which brought lots of business (I am told) to his tavern called “Tammany Hall.” Here is a picture of Mr. Krajewski.

Shortly before he passed away, he spoke at my college. After his speech, he took questions from the audience. One student asked him what his plan was to lessen world hunger. Ol’ Henry replied, “Da solution is simple. In every bundle a wheat we send ova’dere to India we ought to put in a little ‘boit control’.”

Henry Krajewski – Jersey’s favorite Dark Horse.

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