June 15, 2010

A New Blog in Town.

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As many of you know, I don’t do power tools, particularly those with chains or those with sharp-toothed blades. As you also know, I am easily intimidated by computers and electronic gadgets. As such, a while back when I bought this fancy schmancy computer and all the gizmos and software that came with it, I stared helplessly at the multiple boxes until my buddy Mike the Computer Maven came to the House by the Parkway and spent the day hooking everything up and moving the stuff from my old computer to the new one. There is simply no way I could have done it.

A while later the computer developed a problem and had to be sent to HP for repair work. In the process of doing the repair work, HP wiped my hard disc. Double yikes! Mike spent a shitload of time getting that all squared away for me.

Mike is most definitely a geek’s geek and a gadget guy’s gadget guy (He actually reads and understands the stuff on Slashdot.), and he’s gotten around to starting a blog. Although he is writing about various things, the posts seem to be weighted a bit in the direction geekery and gadgetry, but they are written with non-geeks in mind.

Mike’s a good guy, and the name of the blog is “Lost in the Details.” Give it a look. I figure if I send enough traffic Mike’s way, he may show me how to operate my DVR.

This Woman is a Jackass.

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Just listen to this maroon. According to her (Don’t call her Ma’am), carbon dioxide poses a grave national security threat and will put our troops in harm’s way. Carbon farookin’ dioxide! The stuff we exhale, the stuff that makes soda fizz, and the stuff that plants need to live.

If there is a God, this jerk will be sent packing in November.

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