November 3, 2010

Heading South.

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Ken, my longtime friend and bodyguard, and I will be hitting the road tomorrow morning for Tennessee, where we will spend a couple days with a clutch of reprobates bloggers, former bloggers and friends of bloggers. If history provides any indication of what to expect, I figure there will be thousands of laughs, a bullshit story or twenty, some good eats, a shitload few cocktails and a bit of guitar pickin’.

We usually spend several hours in the evening sitting outside around a fire. I am curious to see how the peeps coming from Florida will fare with the expected evening temperatures in the twenties. By contrast, we expect someone from Wisconsin, and for her, the weather will be downright balmy. Being from Jersey, we are equipped to do all climes.

In anticipation of guitar playin’, I put new strings on my road guitar today. Did I ever tell you how much I farookin’ hate putting on new strings? No, you say? Well, let me tell you; I hate it—really hate it. I usually end up poking a hole in my finger with an errant string. This time, however, I gave my thumb one of those black bruises when it got pinched between the handles of the pliers as I struggled to remove one of the damned pegs that holds the strings in the guitar. Nevertheless, I completed the mission and only dropped a few dozen F-bombs.

I loves me some Tennessee.

Play nice while I’m gone.

A Few Post-Election Thoughts. Updated.

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Needless to say, I am happy as a clam that the democrats got their asses kicked, big time yesterday. “Hope and Change” didn’t work out for them, I guess. Meanwhile, The One will jet off to India while the democrat losers work on their resumes.

Still, there were some low points, namely the states in which the majority of the voters are obviously insane:

California: Barbara “Call me Senator” Boxer was re-elected. I caught her victory speech last night. Good Christ, the woman cannot help but be thoroughly obnoxious and utterly detestable. As if re-electing this horrible woman were not crazy enough, the sourdough-addled voters of California are sending Jerry “the Kook” Brown back to Sacramento, presumably because the state was really groovy when he was governor twice before, a half a lifetime ago. It’s just a matter of time before the taxpayers of the other 49 states will have to dig into their pockets to bail California out.

Nevada: Harry Reid? Are you farookin’ kidding me? The state is a shambles, with among the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates (possibly the highest) in the nation, and Harry Reid has an unfavorable rating just north of Satan’s. He’s a very bad guy. I smell a rat, but I’ll leave it to the democrats to play the “You Cheated” card.

Massachusetts: Barney Frank returns to Congress. This is so stunningly crazy I don’t know what to say. This bloviating slob was one of the prime movers of the crap that lead to the financial meltdown. What can you expect from a state where Teddy Kennedy is treated like a saint?

New York: Charlie Rangel won by something like 90%, proving that his constituents must be deaf, dumb and blind and, yes, stupid as shit. Oh, and thanks to New Yorkers, Chuck Schumer will get to spend yet another six years of his life without ever having had gainful employment. Weasel-faced jerk.

Update: Yep, the stink of rat.

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