November 22, 2010

It Happened Forty-Seven Years Ago Today.

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Although it is now largely ignored by the newspapers, back then I heard it all on the radio.


  1. Jim I was thinking of the same thing today.Not one word in our states largest newspaper, or on the 5 O’ clock news. How Fucked-up is that.

    Comment by chef of da future — November 22, 2010 @ 8:03 pm

  2. I was in biology class in Woodbridge HS when the announcement was made over the PA system that JFK had been shot. The next period was Algebra where we learned, again over the PA system, that he had died. I will never forget the exact words the vice principal used…”this is the saddest message I have ever had to deliver, the President Of the United States is dead”. All the girls in the began crying and the teacher left the room. We were on a “split session” back then. I attended the “afternoon” session with the school day ending at 5:50PM. There was absolute silence on the school bus that night. When I arrived home, I began recording the news reports from the three networks on my new reel to reel audio tape recorder. I still have those tapes, including the audio recording of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot two days later. A weekend forever burned into my very being.

    Comment by JerseyJerry — November 22, 2010 @ 8:40 pm

  3. Sorry for a few typos in the above post.

    Comment by JerseyJerry — November 22, 2010 @ 8:42 pm

  4. Now, almost fifty years later, it’s only natural that the anniversary of JFK’s assassination is no longer front-page news. It’ll get coverage on the fives and tens – the 50th, 55th, 60th anniversaries, etc… but for most people alive today, it is a dusty historical event.

    Of course, those of us who remember it remember it very clearly… and we know what a traumatic event it was for the nation. In retrospect, 1963 – and 1968, with the RFK and MLK shootings – marked a giant step toward today’s era of cynicism. Certainly, something changed, and not for the better.

    Where was I that Friday afternoon? In sixth grade.

    Comment by Elisson — November 22, 2010 @ 10:49 pm

  5. I can actually remember when coverage of the anniversary was nonstop on the networks. If it fell on a Sunday God help you because Sam, Cokie, David, Dan, Mike, Morley, Andy and Ted would all talk about it and nothing else. “Plane crash? Terrorist bombing? Who cares? This is what really matters!”

    If it passed without comment in 2010, I call that a mercy.

    Comment by McGehee — November 23, 2010 @ 11:44 pm

  6. I should mention I was 23 months old when the actual event occurred. I was spared the trauma of living through it — except every goddamn November 22 that passed while I was growing up.

    Comment by McGehee — November 23, 2010 @ 11:45 pm

  7. It’s amazing that no matter how old we become, we all remember exactly where we were on the dark days of history…Freshman in High School beginning of French class. When our teacher told us, he cried like a baby, I looked around at the class and there weren’t many a dry eye.

    Comment by Joe G — November 24, 2010 @ 8:43 pm

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