June 14, 2005

Blog Woes.

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I know that many of you have not been able to access this site over the last few days. Neither have I.

The problem appears to have arisen from the waves of comment spam that have assaulted this place, which have caused the host to simply shut down the site without warning.

My friend, with an inexhaustible supply of patience and graciousness, is working on the problem. Given that he has many things to attend to these days that are far more important than worrying about this piss-ass blog, please be patient while we try a few things to deal with the problem. One possibility being considered is moving away from Movable Type.

I’m not sure where this all is headed, but please stay tuned.


  1. It’s all Michael Jackson’s fault. If California cracked off and fell into the sea, I could still have a nice lunch at Casa Vasca. Someone should introduce Robert Blake to Barbara Boxer. I hope McCauley Caulkin meets up with the Melendez brothers. Watching those jurors claim their 15 minutes of fame was painful.

    Hello, he’s on tape saying he loves to sleep with young boys. He has porographic books of naked young boys. For Christsake, he came to court in his pajamas. Maybe he and OJ can moonwalk and find the real killers and child abusers.

    Tito, get me a tissue.

    Comment by cousin gary — June 14, 2005 @ 11:08 am

  2. You could try WordPress. If your hosting provider has Fantastico autoinstaller, it would be real easy for Craig, anyway, IF he has time, what with that new bambina ‘n all.

    Jim, you still there? Fainting couch.

    Anyway, I saw the notice about your account being shut down and said out loud, “Like, I’m so SHURRRRE!” just like a valley chick. Then I was going to comment and got a BIG 403 *inside* the comment window, and I went “WHOA” just like Butthead. Why am I talking this way? No idea. I’m leaving now.

    Comment by dogette — June 14, 2005 @ 12:55 pm

  3. Oh sure. Just like when I was little and got up too early on Saturday for the cartoons. I’ll just sit here and watch the test pattern until you come back.

    Comment by Shamrock — June 14, 2005 @ 2:54 pm

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