July 18, 2005

Dion’s Birthday.

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Dion.jpgDion (DiMucci) turned 66 today. Holy Cannoli!!

I can remember being absolutely knocked as a young boy in 1958 when I first heard Dion and the Belmonts sing “I Wonder Why” and later “Where or When.” Those songs still knock me out.

The thing about Dion is that, despite his ten year heroin addiction (1958-1968) and having become an “old guy,” he STILL can sing those songs and sound as good as he did back then. Two years ago, he went into a studio with some background singers and a good band and made this CD, on which he sings many of his old songs and hits the notes with laser precision. That CD is a regular in my car and on my stereo.

He is “The King of the New York Streets.”

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  1. Despite being a whippersnapper to doo wop, I absolutely love it. In honor of Dion’s birthday yesterday, I had iTunes playing all of my Dion & The Belmonts songs.

    Comment by marydell — July 19, 2005 @ 11:00 am

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