July 19, 2005

So, That’s Who it Was!

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This past April I was sitting on the plane waiting for the rest of the passengers to board the flight that would take me to Jacksonville, where I would meet Eric and Mrs. Straight White Guy for the drive to Jekyll Island to attend the Wreckyll in Jekyll Jawja Blogmeet. I noticed a fellow taking a seat a few rows in front of mine. What first caught my attention was his hair, which had been fixed in such a way to make it appear that he had just gotten out of bed. To me, it looked generally messy and randomly spikey. I then saw that he was carrying an obviously well-traveled mandolin case. It was also apparent that he was with three or four other people, at least two of whom were also carrying stringed instrument cases smaller than a guitar.

Being a regular Sherlock Holmes, I concluded that this was a band traveling to or from a gig. I recall that they were all very pleasant, particularly the fellow with the goofy hair. I really didn’t give it any thought after that, at the time being more interested in getting to Jekyll to do a bit of pickin’ of my own.

Well, don’t ya know that a couple days ago I was reading Time Magazine** and I saw a picture of the goofy haired guy who was on the plane (in an article about a CD he made). Turns out that it was this guy! (Lots of sound samples there to enjoy.)

As my buddy Dax would say, “Just Damn!”


  1. Take it from a father of two post-millennium kids: Dan is the farookin’ GREATEST. Ya gotta love kid music that does not make adult hair hurt.


    Comment by Jack Bog — July 20, 2005 @ 3:20 am

  2. I like trying to guess whose celebrity head/hairdo it could be up front from my vantage point in the back on a plane ride. After a while, I’ll walk forward to check, but it’s always just a kid’s stuffed animal scrunched so it’s partially sticking up over the top of their seatback. It’s never Paris or Mick or Snoop Dogg, so then I go back and sulk in my seat.

    Comment by dogette — July 20, 2005 @ 11:50 am

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