July 26, 2005

Peggy Dowd.

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Maureen Dowd’s mother, Peggy Dowd, died last week at age 97. Maureen Dowd lovingly writes:

Intensely patriotic, a politics and history buff, in her life she spanned the crash of the Titanic to the crash of the twin towers, Teddy Roosevelt to W. One of her big thrills came in 1990 when she went to the White House Christmas party with me and President Bush gave her a kiss. On the way home, she said to me in a steely voice, “I don’t ever want you to be mean to that man again.”

As my mom lay in pain, at 97 her organs finally shutting down, my sister asked her if she would like a highball. Over the last six years, Mom had managed to get through going into a wheelchair and losing her sight, all without painkillers or antidepressants – just her usual evening glass of bourbon and soda. [Read it all.]

I would have liked Peggy Dowd.

Although I wish the apple would have fallen considerably closer to the tree, I extend my deepest sympathy to Ms. Dowd.

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  1. Indeed. The Peggys, the Margarets… today I have a Greta.

    Comment by Jack Bog — July 26, 2005 @ 9:23 pm

  2. I will never be a fan of Mo Dowd, but that is a nice (and loving) piece of writing. We should all have someone who loves as much and will remember us as well.

    Comment by zombyboy — July 26, 2005 @ 9:44 pm

  3. I watched Ms. Dowd on a Tim Russert, CNBC
    interview tonight. She’s definitely a
    woman of substance. You don’t have to
    agree with someone’s views in order to
    like her or him.

    She would be great to interview…Very
    interesting, indeed. Robert P. Warren, Jr.

    Comment by Bob Warren — November 20, 2005 @ 12:02 am

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