February 15, 2006

There Was Never Any Serious Doubt.

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Elisson, the Wizard of Wipe, has posted the final results of the voting to determine who should be the holder of the title “King of the Crapbloggers”. As you can see, Acidman won in a veritable landslide. And, to remove any doubt about his worthiness of the Title, he posted this, which I view as his taking a well-deserved victory crap lap.

Rob is the Undisputed Crap-daddy.

I’d like to thank the people who voted for me (most probably more than once) and announce that I will be holding a tea and cookies thank-you celebration in a phone booth at a location to be determined.


  1. Happy to have supported you, Jim. Nobody knows crap like you do.

    Comment by Ken Adams — February 15, 2006 @ 9:17 pm

  2. I, too, was one of those discerning few who voted for you. My vote was the one with that ambiguously HANGING CHAD teetering from its edge. I will not be DISENFRANCHISED!

    Comment by dogette — February 16, 2006 @ 2:43 pm

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