May 13, 2008

The Platonic Form of Cognitive Dissonance.

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A farookin’ ALLIGATOR drinking my beloved Chocolate Vodka (well frozen too!).

You can thank the Wiseass Jooette for gifting me with the hideous alligator. It’s about as ugly as a bag of assholes. When she informed me that it actually was designed to hold a bottle, I figured I just had to share.

Photo creds to the Stardust Shrink, who insisted that this was, indeed, a serious woik of art. There’s no accouting for taste.


  1. Deer Jimblow-

    Looks like a typical Souf Korean shoes-shine owl-ra-gator to me! Pay one dollah (US) for shoe shine, then once you place foot in mouse (mouth) of gator for a shine, that sunny-beach demands wallet of shoe-shinee or else him chomps off shoe….feets too! Mudder-pucker gators! Mudderless Jooo-Dooosh who’s did that to you! No lee-spect! So now that we friends… can you preeze send left-overs chocolate wodka to Great Reader? I’m locateds just Norf of the 38th Parallel’s DEGATORED MILITARIZED ZONE.

    You Bestest Friend Ever!
    Great Reader KIM Jong IL
    Kaesong, DPRK 90210-U812

    PMS- Gator saliva is OK wiff me. Good for hemorrhoid’s!!!

    Comment by JihadGene — May 13, 2008 @ 11:35 pm

  2. So Jimbo…just remember if you are attacked by one of those things, give it a bottle of chocolate vodka and it will leave you alone. *grin*

    Comment by Teresa — May 13, 2008 @ 11:47 pm

  3. Oh, this gives me an idea! brb…

    *runs away to play*

    Oh wait. I have to go to work. Damn.

    Comment by Joan of Argghh! — May 14, 2008 @ 6:09 am

  4. Oh, you.

    Don’t think I didn’t see that you called me a dooshbag and then blipped it out. Only a much bigger dooshbag would do that. A dooshbag with wonderfully luxurious hair, and a fine singing voice…but a dooshbag, nonetheless.

    (A bag of assholes??? Where do you come up with this craziness?)

    Comment by Erica — May 14, 2008 @ 7:43 am

  5. That is a thing of great beeeyooooty.

    Comment by dogette — May 14, 2008 @ 8:15 am

  6. ::waves to dogette, but in a totally non-geek way; in fact, with quite the dignified single-wave, accompanied by a short glance and then a look-down-away::

    Meanwhile, my camera crapped out on me while trying to take a picture of the Gigglin’ Gator Pub. But I will, cuz it’s all sorts of relevant and shit.

    Comment by Joan of Argghh! — May 14, 2008 @ 5:47 pm

  7. I admit it. I had referred to the Wiseass Jooette as a dooshbag in my original post, but upon a more sober reading, I realized that it could be interpreted as being mean-spirited, which I most certainly am not. In fact, I am a gottdamned prince.

    NOTE: The foregoing was not intended to imply that the aforesaid Jooette is not a dooshbag, but rather to demonstrate that I am a gottdamned prince.

    Comment by Jim — May 14, 2008 @ 7:21 pm

  8. Oh, good Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwd, Hairboy…WTF? You suddenly had an attack of conscience? Newsflash, dooshbag: You call me a dooshbag all the time. Now, if you were to call me a d-o-u-c-h-e-b-a-g…well, dems fightin’ woids.

    (Rhetorical question to self: Why do I feel like this is funny at this moment and yet, later tonight, I will end up emailing you to make sure you interpret that comment in the humorous context in which it is intended? Oh, I dunno. Probably because I’m a dooshbag.)

    Comment by Erica — May 14, 2008 @ 8:26 pm

  9. See, that is why I love Erica.
    She gives gifts that are thoughtful and considerate.
    She picks them out with love and care.
    And with just a wee bit o’ sadism.

    Comment by Maeve — May 15, 2008 @ 1:20 am

  10. […] to my foil, thanks man. I hardly deserve it after I deposited this turd-in-the-punchbowl into your life but, nevertheless, it has found a permanent and loving home. […]

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