September 3, 2003

Blog*Spot Gibberish.

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If you were one of the people who saw yesterday’s post at a time when it contained lots of goofy looking characters and other gibberish, please note that I didn’t have some kind of seizure and post it that way. The liberal sprinkling of errant question marks, “”q’s” and unreadable crap came to you (and me) courtesy of Blog*Spot. The Blog*Spot satanic server created all that ca-ca, then cratered for the night.

Most annoying.

I keep thinking that Blog*Spot has to get better, if for no other reason than there are so few of us knuckleheads still here* to attend to. I suppose that is somewhat akin to thinking that maybe one day Bill and Hillary will go somewhere far away and leave us alone.

* This annoying, “Tigeresque” footnote is to request that he not break my stindeens about still being on Blog*Spot. As exasperating as Blog*Spot is, I’m too busy/lazy/tired/techno-challenged/stupid/masochistic to move out right now. I’ll get around to it.

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