December 16, 2008

We Can’t Let this Bank Fail.

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I am pleased to be one of the many Jersey Bloggers, of all stripes, who have united to seek your help for the New Jersey Food Bank. As this video makes clear, the number of people (some of whom may be your friends or family) who find themselves in need of the services provided by their local food banks has been dramatically increasing, while donations have been dramatically decreasing

You can pitch in by making a monetary donation, but if you find yourself unable to do that, please consider making a donation of food to your local food banks. I have to believe you can open your cabinets and fill up at least one grocery bag full of food that you, thankfully, can spare. We at the House by the Parkway did just that a week or so ago in connection with a food drive run at work, and I was happy to see the photographs of a full-sized van loaded with food heading off to the local food bank.

New Jersey Premier Blogger, Tigerhawk, has made a very generous offer. He has indicated that he will match your monetary contribution, dollar for dollar. The details are here.

It’s extremely rare that so many bloggers can agree about anything, but it is gratifying to see that we have come together for this cause.

Please do what you can. If you can’t donate money, it’s OK, but how about donating a bag of groceries? Take a look in your kitchen cabinets. I’m sure you can fill up a bag of things you don’t need to give to people who need them very much.

Update: I had written this post several hours ago and immediately headed off for Mr. Recliner, where I pretended to watch television. I only now realized that I had accidentally published it as a separate page rather than a regular entry, which is interesting seeing as how I don’t know how I managed to do that.. I still don’t get the separate page thing.


  1. As someone who’s helped to sort & distribute food at a food bank, just a tip about donations…

    Everything is welcome, but some food is more welcome than others! It’s hard to make a balanced meal out of canned beets, sauerkraut and a jar of pickled capers. In addition to the 8 cans of creamed corn and sliced carrots you need to get rid of, please throw in a few cans of tuna and soup, maybe a canned ham or corned beef.

    That oddball can of rye bread or lark’s tongues you brought back from Europe? Use that for a white elephant gift at the office.

    Donating to a food bank shouldn’t be an excuse to clean out all the old dusty cans from the back of the pantry. Throw anything rusty or bulging away!

    Also, don’t forget powdered milk, flour, pasta and other staples.

    Thanks for your efforts, y’all!

    Comment by El Capitan — December 16, 2008 @ 1:20 pm

  2. We just took a load from my house to the local food pantry. Lots of instant potatoes and dressing, soup, peanut butter, and desserty things. Veggies and spaghetti sauce too… I hate to think of folks going hungry. ­čÖü

    Comment by Richmond — December 16, 2008 @ 4:58 pm

  3. Reading your tales from the Army, I’m reminded of the typing class I took around 1974. It was mostly girls in the class. I got out of high school just a little too late to get drafted but it might have come in handy. Though I’d hate to think I’d have had to pass a French test.

    Since that time, I’ve got more insight into why the military treats the average grunt the way they do. It’s because it’s pretty much the only way to get them to do the things that they’re supposed to do. As soon as you get out of that category, they treat you differently because you are different.

    Comment by Carl Brannen — December 16, 2008 @ 11:38 pm

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