January 1, 2004

BlogSpot Woes.

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Since approximately this time yesterday, I have not been able to access my site. I had assumed that no one else could either. However, the Site Meter shows that people are getting to to the site. I have no problem accessing internet sites in general and non-BlogSpot sites, so I assume that the problem lies with the BlogSpot folks.

Color me puzzled (and pissed).

Happy New Year, BlogSpot. You’re off to a great start.

Update: It appears to be OK now. It must have been a cyber-version of one of those “24 hour things” that docs resort to explain how in 24 hours one can go from feeling fine to feeling like death is only around the corner, to feeling fine again. Then again, maybe the folks at BlogSpot are all really hung over.

Update to the Update: I spoke too soon. The problem is back. I’m going to get away from this computer for a bit, lest I put Mr. Fist through the screen.

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