February 16, 2003

Sam Adams, Life 101 and

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Sam Adams, Life 101 and Snow on the Way. Last night it boiled down to a choice between blogging or going out with some good friends for a bunch of fattening pub food, a few pints of Sam Adams and a large helping of laughs. So much for blogging. Today, Life 101 may well get in the way of posting, as there are a few things that have to be done here in the house near the Parkway. It’s a bit frustrating, as I do have a couple things percolating in my cruller that might be entertaining and that are just itching to be written, but they will have to wait a bit.

Oh, yeah. The forecast for New Jersey is for heavy snow, starting later today and continuing through tomorrow, with some forecasts suggesting the possibility of accumulations between one and two feet. Thrilling.

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