August 14, 2004

Amendment to Previous Post.

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WHEREAS, in a comment to the previous post, Craig observed that he would have added as additional “Cool Thing” the ovation given to the teams from Afghanistan and Iraq; and

WHEREAS, in the same comment, Craig opined that he would have added Bob Costas as an additional “Dumb Thing.; and

WHEREAS, Jay Solo, at Accidental Verbosity, had the same view about Costas and reminded me of a couple things Mr. Costas said that I failed to pay enough attention to; and.

WHEREAS, during a telephone conversation with TJ, who is watching the HD feed of the ceremonies with son-in-law, she observed that she and son-in-law thought that the “Olympic Caldron” looked more like a giant “doobie” than a giant cigarette lighter; and

WHEREAS, I agree with all of the above.

NOW, THEREFORE, the previous Post is hereby amended to include the foregoing as additional observations.


  1. While we’re on the Olympic tangent, let me just say:

    Synchronized diving and women’s volleyball. All on the same day. My cup runneth over.

    Comment by Craig — August 14, 2004 @ 4:20 pm

  2. 2008 – Sychronized volleyball.

    Comment by Jim - Parkway Rest Stop — August 14, 2004 @ 4:33 pm

  3. We should be so lucky!

    Comment by Craig — August 14, 2004 @ 5:38 pm

  4. WHEREAS there should be no doubt that this blog is owned & operated by a lawyer 🙂

    Comment by DMerriman — August 14, 2004 @ 5:49 pm

  5. Oyez, oyez.

    WHEREAS: The party of the second part Concurs with the aforementioned Costas = Dumb Thing and suggests and proposes To-Wit:

    1) That the party of the first part watch Olympic coverage with the mute button firmly engaged; and

    2) That the parties hereby do mutually agree that hereinafter dart guns should be fired repeatedly at said television set immediately beginning with the appearance of Costas on the screen of said television set and continuing until said Costas no longer appears.

    Further, affiant sayeth not.

    Comment by Rita — August 15, 2004 @ 8:38 am

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