September 10, 2004

Happy Motoring!

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“Do you think we run a fuck’n valet service?”

That is what a Garden State motorist claims a toll collector on the New Jersey Turnpike said to her when she asked where she could make a U-turn.

The Smoking Gun has a collection of actual complaints filed with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority about some of our more endearing toll collectors.

And the southerners think they have the market cornered on hospitality.

Jersey – Only the strong survive.

Thanks to DynamoBuzz for the link.


  1. In general, the Turnpike toll collectors get more polite and friendlier the further south you get. They are vicious near New York, civil at 8A, and downright Iowan by the time you get to the Del Mem Bridge. This has been a topic of extended discussion between me and my wife over the years, which says something about the life we lead.

    Comment by Jack — September 11, 2004 @ 1:12 am

  2. Jack has a good point. The complaints listed the turnpike exit where the incidents occurred, and I noticed that most of the exits were north of exit 11 which is where the turnpike and the parkway intersect. A lot of 16W and 18W, which are near Giants stadium/route 3 and route 80.

    Comment by roberto — September 11, 2004 @ 2:43 am

  3. Hah. And all the complaints are just this year’s crop. They must have millions. Although why anyone bothers to complain is beyond me.

    Comment by Lynne — September 11, 2004 @ 12:25 pm

  4. Do they take any action on the complaints? We’re not quite “Iowan” here in the Chicago burbs, but I’ve never been cussed out by a toll collector. I think I’d be likely to stop and lodge a complaint, should it happen.

    Comment by buffy — September 11, 2004 @ 6:11 pm

  5. Buffy,

    I honestly don’t know the answer to that, but I would guess that not much, if anything, is done to discipline rude toll collectors. I have heard (but I have no personal knowledge) that getting a toll collector job requires a political connection, as these folks can make a good deal of money. That said, I suspect that they have job protection above and beyond that afforded to regular government employees.

    Comment by Jim - Parkway Rest Stop — September 11, 2004 @ 6:22 pm

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