November 13, 2004

More News and One Word Commentary.

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Seeing as how the blogosphere is typically less busy on the weekend, and seeing as how Saturday is often a slow news day, this seems like a good time to again do a bit of news with one word commentary. One word – that’s the rule.

Governor McGreevey moves the last of his things out of the Governor’s mansion. Finally!

Scott Peterson found guilty of double murder and could face the death penalty. Adios.

Naked guy walks into Bronx Zoo’s reptile exhibit full of caimans, which are cousins to alligators, and tries to grab one. Dickicide?

Tens of thousands flock to Arafat’s burial, shoot rifles and generally act like lunatics. MOAB?

Zarqawi flees Fallijah. Chicken!

Gunman opens fire at foot of Eiffel Tower, wounding three. Surrender!

Photographers sue Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz for assault and battery. SMILE!!

Michael Moore planning sequel to Fahrenheit 911. Smegma!

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