November 16, 2004

The Worst of the Worst. (Updated)

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I don’t suspect that I am at all unusual in reserving pure “hatred” for a select few people or classes of people. Having said that, one group of people who I hate, in the purest sense of the word, are comment spammers. Don’t get me wrong. By comparison, tyrants, wonton killers, and a gaggle of other criminal misfits are more worthy of my hatred than comment spammers, but with these techno graffiti artists, it’s personal. Regularly they invade my property and soil the place, much as if they were to break into my home and shit all over the living room floor.

Often they come from one source (e.g. the detestable “Bob”) and leave the same URL on hundreds of posts using a myriad of spoofed IP adresses. Sometimes they seem to attack with many different spoofed e-mail addresses and URLs, all a variation on some theme, requiring individual deletion and rebuilding of posts, It’s maddening.

Until now, most of the URLs that the spammers have attempted to leave behind have dealt with things like mortgage refinancing, sexual enhancement pharmaceuticals, all sorts of p—r and c—-o games, and satellite dishes. Lately, however, I have seen a new crop of sites being pitched, which deal with r*pe (* = a) and inc*st (* = e), each promising pictures and stories.

Now, when it comes to matters involving consenting adults, I generally cast my lot with the libertarians, but I’ll be damned if I can crawl inside the cruller of anyone who would pitch pictures and stories about r*pe and inc*est. Nor, can I imagine the type of person who would click on such a link, particularly among the audience comprised of people who frequents blogs. I suppose that the sad reality is that it only takes a few transactions to make comment spamming a profitable enterprise.

Anyway, I hope that, when the comment spammers line up to take their special place in hell, the latest breed is at the front of the line.

Update: I have removed most of the letters in two more words in the above post (a “p” word and a “c” word — no, not those words). Since originally posting this, I have been under heavy comment Spam attack, from scumbags with URS containing those words. I wonder if the spambots search out key words in comments. I don’t know, but I’m not taking any chances.

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