November 24, 2004

Speaking of Donald Payne…..

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I don’t know how I missed this at the time, but back in September my congressman, Donald Payne, led a congressional delegation on a trip to Iraq “to express solidarity with the troops and to assess the situation on the ground.”

The delegation shared meals with troops from their districts both days they spent in Iraq. “We wanted to let them know that they are in our minds, our hearts, and our prayers,” Payne said.

What a load of hot, steaming horseshit.

As I previously noted, this is the same guy who, in 2003, was among the twenty-two congressmen who voted “Present” on House Congressional Resolution No. 104, Expressing the Support and Appreciation of the Nation for the President and the Members of the Armed Forces Who are Participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom (emphasis mine). (392 representatives voted “yes” and eleven voted “no”).

I should note that Mr. Payne won 97% of the vote in this past election. That makes him almost as successful a candidate as Saddam. Part of that may have to do with the Republicans not even having bothered to run a candidate against him in his gerrymandered district.

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