April 10, 2003

Saddam’s Naughty Bits.

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Last night on one of the cable stations (Fox or CNN, I believe) I watched a segment concerning the efforts being made to take down yet another Saddam statue. This one was near the Tigris River and, like the now-famous Baghdad statue, depicted His Rottenness standing on a tall pedestal. After several unsuccessful attempts to manually take the statue down, the military people rigged C-4 explosives on the top of the pedestal, around the statue’s feet. An old fashioned fuse with an estimated detonation time of five minutes was used to set the charge, thereby providing the audience with some drama as we waited for the charge to explode without warning.

Finally, the charge exploded. There was loud bang and a good deal of smoke. When the smoke cleared, one could see that the only damage done to the statue was that Saddam’s naughty bits were blown away! How fitting. The reporter, who, up to that point was doing serious commentary, could not stifle his laughter at what was missing from Saddam. It reminded me a bit of the Johnny Carson tomahawk-throwing episode.

I am sure that someone will be posting a picture of the hilarious result.

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