January 4, 2005

Balm, Gilead, Junkies, Cheap Smokes and Bacon.

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Have I ever mentioned that daughter TJ knows her way around a stage and is also an ass-kicking singer? In fact, one of her two majors in college (that would be the school that regularly sent me tuition bills in amounts that approximated the size of the gross national product of a small European country) was “Theater.” She writes, amusingly methinks, about her experience in one of the many college productions in which she appeared, and her post ties the seemingly disparate elements of the title of this post together.

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  1. Like I told your daughter, I graduated with a double degree, the front half Theatre, in 1970. Nothing has changed. I thought I could write, too, but I could never have come up with a title like that.

    Comment by Mike Hill — January 4, 2005 @ 9:32 pm

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