June 9, 2006

Some Set of Wheels.

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Maybach logo.jpgLast night as I was driving home in the Big, Fat, Black, Capitalist Car, I found myself behind a beautiful, big, fat capitalist car, the make of which I was unable to identify. It sported curtains on the inside of the rear window that could be pulled together for passenger privacy. I could also see that it was two-toned, silver and blue. I got close enough to see the logo (see above image), but I didn’t recognize the logo either.

The car pulled into the right lane, which enabled me to pass it and get a side view. It was truly a magnificent looking sleek, big, fat, capitalist car with elegant lines. The logo also appeared as a hood ornament.

Later, I searched Google for automobile logos, and I learned that the logo belongs to Maybach (the double M’s originally stood for Maybach Motors).

Turns out that Maybach cars, manufactured in Germany, are the Mercedes Luxury Cars. The car has a twelve cylinder engine that produces 550 horsepower. Its interior contains any one of three varieties of real wood.

The buyer of a Maybach has “two million design options”, which essentially renders each Maybach automobile custom made. That is why the company manufactures only four to five cars per day and no more than 1,000 cars per year. Maybach refers to its dealerships as “salons”.

Here are numerous pictures of the exterior of the two models (I saw the big one on the road).

Here are pictures of the interior, including the reclining rear seats.

You might be asking, ‘Yo, Jimbo. What would one of these Maybachs set you back?”

I was wondering that myself, and I learned that the suggested manufacturer’s retail price is a mere $382,500. I guess that’s before you start adding on options such as dual televisions, computers, refrigerator and who knows what else.

I guess that if you can pay almost $400K for a car, it doesn’t matter that it gets 12 miles per gallon.

If I ever get around to winning the lottery, I’m buying one. I figure it would look great with my hair.

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