September 8, 2006


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As I write this, many, many of my friends (good peeps all) are raising hell in Helen, Georgia. I’m sure it’s noisy, smokey, boozey, and just plain terrific.

Would that I could be there, but Making-a-Living 101 prevented that from happening this time.

I am, however, with them in spirit. In fact, I think I’ll have a cocktail.

Here’s to you reprobates!

The State of the State of New Jersey.

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The state of the State is horrible.

Free-spending, tax raising democrats, their loyal tax-taking democrat-voting minions, and government corruption at all levels that has made our state a national joke have resulted in what I fear to be an economic doomsday for this state.

Enlighten New Jersey points out:

Since Democrats took control of Trenton in 2002, state spending and taxes have increased by 35 percent and debt has ballooned by a whopping 214 percent. New Jersey’s population has grown by less two percent, while the number of state government workers has increased by more than 20 percent. The increase in all public-sector jobs in New Jersey has been increasing at the rate of 9 percent .Read the whole thing.

I’ve lost count of how many young, educated people I know who have left Jersey because they simply cannot afford to live here.

As I have said before, the only hope I see is to vote every single state, county and local incumbent politician out of office – no exceptions. Or, as we would say in Jerseyspeak, “Vote da bums out!”

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