May 27, 2009

Bacon Vodka Redux.

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baconA bit more than a year ago, I wrote about my plans to make my own bacon vodka. As often is the case, Life 101 intervened and nudged bacon-vodka-making close to the bottom of the list of “to do’s,” where it remains to this day.

That is why I was more than a bit intrigued when Cousin Jack asked in a comment to this post, whether I had tried commercially made bacon vodka. It is called “Bakon Vodka,” and it promises “No tinge or burn on the tongue, no obnoxious smoky or chemical flavors, just a clean refreshing potato vodka with delicious savory bacon flavor.”

What’s not to like about that?

Apparently the stuff is currently sold in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana, and it is apparently selling very well in Oregon and Washington. I submitted my name to the Bakon Vodka peeps on their website so they can notify me if and when it becomes available in the Garden State. In the meantime, I expect a report from you peeps who drop by here from those states where the stuff is available.

Consider it your contribution to science.

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