May 8, 2012

Beach “Boys”

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I am a Beach Boys fan. They came on the scene when I was in high school and have been making great music, often with complex and sweet harmonies, for more than a half a century.

However, they, like I, are getting to be a bit long in the tooth.

PRS Operatives have learned that the Beach Boys will be releasing a new album, which contains many of their hits remade to be a bit more age-appropriate. Here is a sample:

Spittle Deuce Coupe

Burpin’ Safari

Little Hot Lady from Pasadena

Wipe Me Rhonda

Be True to Your Stool

Nappin’ USA

I Got Around

(I Can’t) Do it Again

Poop John B.

When I Blow Up and Need the Can

Good Dilations

Keep rockin’ fellas.

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