September 2, 2012

The National Anthem: Two Versions.

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I typically cringe when I hear some knucklehead do stylistic vocal tricks with the National Anthem. I prefer it sung the way it was written. I also have no patience with those who complain that the National Anthem is “… like toooo violent, with all those splodey bombs and stuff.” Here are two examples, each of which appeal to me for different reasons.

Version 1: Pure, beautiful simplicity – sung, unaccompanied, by three young siblings in their living room.

Version 2: The precise opposite of Version 1. It’s Madison Rising rockin’ the National Anthem. Yes, they do not perform the Anthem as written, but I like that their version goes straight into the face of the “toooo violent, splodey bomb” crowd. I understand that the lead singer is a Navy Vet. I like it.

Thanks to da Chef of da Future for Version 1
Thanks to my buddy Brian, the Air Force Vet for Version 2

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