October 4, 2012


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Yes, I did watch last night’s debate.

It was a pleasure to finally see someone look The One in the eye and confront him with the mess he and his administration have made of this country over the last four years. He has surrounded himself with third-rate flunkies who, I’m sure, would never even think to question his brilliance. The press sure as hell has never confronted him (with a couple rare exceptions). He hardly ever has press conferences, and when he does, it amounts to a softball throwing contest. Besides it is difficult to confront someone when your nose is planted firmly up someone’s ass.

Even better than witnessing The One finally being confronted with his screwups was watching the pathetic manchild stand there and take it, because his record is indefensible. Too bad for him it took him until last night to realize that.

I suspect it will get really ugly now.

Make damned sure you vote in November.

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