April 5, 2003

Linkage Update.

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It’s a chilly, rainy and generally unpleasant day today. It, therefore, seems like a good time to add some links to the bloglist from among those that I bookmarked and have been reading regularly for a while. As was the case the last time I did this, I do not believe that any of these folks need any introduction from me, but for those few out there who may not be familiar with them, here goes:

Da Goddess. A California nurse who covers all the bases from serious, thoughtful and sensitive, to hilarious, sarcastic and sexy. Besides, she is one of Rita’s cyber buddies. What’s not to like?

Mean Mr. Mustard. A Berkeley student who, by virtue of his take on things, probably is not on the “A” List of hot tub party guests. At some point, we may have to form up a Special Operations Group to rescue this guy and bring him to the Right Coast.

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical. A mixture of images and writing that is wickedly funny and which most certainly is not one of Ted Kennedy’s or Michael Moore’s “daily reads,” but it is definitely one of mine.

Power Line. A blog that is maintained by three attorneys, two from Minnesota and one from Maryland, who call themselves “Hindrocket,” “The Big Trunk,” and “Deacon.” In addition to the regular posts, which are first-class, the site also provides links to some of the authors’ articles, published by the Claremont Institute, concerning legal and social issues. Good stuff.

P.S. If William at Phact Patterns decides to begin blogging again, I will gladly return him to the list.

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