April 8, 2003

My Goodness!!

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Last Friday, cousin Jack posted the most recent Sgt. Steele link to a bulletin board that is read by law professors across the United States. That’s when it started. My hit counter went into second gear. Then Da Goddess had nice things to say about the site, which added yet more fuel to Site Meter. Venomous Kate, at Electric Venom, who describes herself as a “martini-swilling, tobacco-smoking, SUV-driving, coffee-guzzling, card-carrying Republican armed with a Smith and Wesson and a great pair of breasts,” and who also is a lawyer, albeit one who spends her time blogging on Hawaii’s beaches (definitely my kinda gal) took Da Goddess’s lead, and the hits increased yet more. Finally, The Emperor Misha from the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler had some very nice things to say about the Sgt. Steele saga, and the hit counter went into warp-drive.

I would like to publicly thank them all for their kind words and for sending LEGIONS of readers to check out “Master Sergeant John ‘Jack’ Steele, Adjunct Professor of Law.”

Most of all, I want to thank the many people who stopped by to read the ongoing adventures of Sgt. Steele as well as some of the other blather on this site.

If Sgt. Steele could thank anyone, he would have to thank the real drill sergeants and real law professors who I came to suffer and know at two special times in my crazy life.

Again, my most sincere thanks to everyone.

Stay tuned.

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