October 5, 2003

Another Tiger Story.

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New York’s Finest seemingly can do it all.

To the sounds of enormous jungle roars, a police sniper rappelled down the side of a Harlem apartment building yesterday and fired tranquilizer darts through an open fifth-floor window to subdue — seat belts, please — a 350-pound Bengal tiger. Link

The tiger was being kept in the New York City apartment along with a five-foot long caiman.

The police responded to an anonymous complaint that a wild animal was being kept at the address. When they arrived at the scene, a neighbor in the apartment “complained of large amounts of urine and a strong smell coming through the ceiling” and that her daughter had actually seen the tiger.

After two well-aimed tranquilizer darts were fired through the apartment window, the police subdued that animal for transport to a local animal shelter, which will arrange ultimately to place the cat in a location in Ohio. The caiman was also taken to a local shelter.

The head veterinarian of the Bronx Zoo was called to the scene, and along with expressing outrage over the conditions in which the animals were being kept, he remarked, “If he [the Tiger] had escaped it would have been a very bad thing.”

Ya think?

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