October 22, 2003

Carnival Time.

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The Carnival of the Vanities is up over at Eric Berlin’s site. He re-activated his site to host this week’s Carnival. Maybe lots of traffic will convince him to open up shop again after the Carnival. The Carnival is a great place to discover good sites and for good sites to be discovered. Take a look.

The Ultimate Self-Defense Weapon.

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How many times do you with you had a large bottle of this handy?

Thanks to my friend Barbara for the link.

A Crystal-Clear Surprise From Canada.

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My experience with drinking beverages made in Canada has been limited to an occasional six-pack of Molson Ale. However, I just cracked open a bottle of this, taken directly from the freezer. I drank it neat from a frozen shooter glass. Verrrrry Smoooooth. You can find details here. This is one that Venomous Kate might consider trying.

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