August 15, 2006


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…. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I was the happy recipient of a phonecall from Mr Jimbo today… and I am pleased to inform everyone that he is slated to have his internet access back online sometime this coming Thursday…. the Good Lord and Comcast be willing….

… so rejoice!… and likewise be jubilant that you wonderful people only have to put up with me for TWO MORE DAYS!….

… oh, and I hear through the grapevine (because, of course, I can’t verify it myself because I am banned from the site) that Two Nervous Dogs are holding a vigil for Jimbo and The Upcoming Comeback….

… there is chanting and everything, evidently…. which is very nice, of course… especially since I have actually witnessed Jimbo speaking in tongues before after chugging a pint of apple brandy.. so chanting is the perfect way to hold vigil for Mr. Rest Stop…

.. anyway, I just thought I’d let you gentle people know the score…. Jimbo is on the mend… Jimbo shall return… Jimbo, well, he’ll be back romping and stomping on Thursday….. so rest easy..

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