November 29, 2006

Four Farookin’ Years.

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ourf ingersf.jpgHoly crap! I’ve been at this for four years now. Back when I posted my first entry, I had no idea what an adventure this exercise would turn out to be. I figured I would shoot some silliness into cyberspace for a couple of weeks to get it out of my system, thinking that nobody but my cousin Jack (who is to blame for getting me into this) would read it, or perhaps that some alien astronomer geek in another galaxy searching for life forms might happen upon it.

As such, I was then, and remain to this day, amazed and deeply flattered that some people regularly find this place worthy of a minute or two of their time. And, I never dreamed that writing on this page would lead to my making so many new friends all over the country (and a few outside the country) both online and in person. Go figure.

Where will it all lead? I have no idea. I suspect that at some point I’ll run out of things to say. In fact, some days I think that I have already hit that point, but so far, it hasn’t happened – at least I don’t think it has. Until that day comes, I guess I’ll keep strokin’.

Thank you all very much for hanging around.

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