November 30, 2006

It’s Final!

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Bear and hat.jpgYes, the results are in for this year’s version of the annual Garden State “Bear Hunt, or No Bear Hunt?” Event.

In declining to intervene in a lawsuit brought by various hunters’ groups against the state, the New Jersey Supreme Court effectively killed this year’s bear hunt. The suit, which seeks to have the court sort out which New Jersey Agency has the final say when it comes to hunting bears, was filed after Governor Corzine’s appointed Head of the Department of Environmental Protection called off the hunt, even though it had been approved before Governor Corzine took office by the Department of Fish and Something-or-Other and the Department of Environmental Protection.

Methinks the suit will work its way through the state court system hibernate in the state’s court system long enough to permit the Governor to nix a few more bear hunts.

The Hunters are pissed; and the Animal Rights Peeps are happy clams.

As for the bears, they are positively ecstatic, so much so that they are planning a party at which only gourmet garbage will be served.

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