July 14, 2007

Notes from the Cockpit.

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Yes, peeps, I am strapped into this supersonic unit, which is capable of zipping along at something like Mach 3. I am nowhere near at full throttle, because so many of the controls are so different from the Sopwith Camel I have been flying.

It’s construction too considerably longer than I/we had expected, owing in part to the annoying problems with transferring stuff from the steam-driven unit to this one. Fortunately, my buddy Mike, the Computer Mavin saw to it that the problems, although annoying, were not insurmountable. There is still a bit of data moving to do, as the goal is to duplicate all the stuff from the Sopwith and tuck it safely away in one of nooks and crannies of the Raptor to be available if needed.

We encountered one other slight problem, which was that one of the only two things I purchased without consulting Mike turned out to be wrong. I bought a Logitech keyboard, and it turns out to have the old fashioned roundish plug thing (a technical term), instead of the new kind (another technical term) of plug thing. This means that, until I pick up a new keyboard (with the right shaped plug thing) I will be typing on the laptop itself, which is a challenge for these flying fingers. The good news is that the Logitech mouse I picked out is connected, so I don’t have to use the touch pad thing, which would make me farookin’ crazy,

But, damn, this is one sexy ride. The clarity of the images on the 17” laptop monitor is exceeded only by those on the 19” flat screen. I am taken by how much I have been missing, image wise, for all this time. For instance, Dogette of Two Nervous Dogs, will no longer have to draw brightly colored outlines around images of her dog so that I can distinguish the figure from the ground.

Yo, check this out. I even plugged in my iPod, which I have had for months but have been unable to use with the Sopwith Camel. Of course, I had no idea how to work the thing. I also learned that my e-mails were not escaping Outlook. Oy!
Fortunately, TJ and Mr. Surly came by for a visit, and she got my e-mail straightened out and also gave me a most excellent iPod lesson. Sah-WEET!!!!!

Today, iPodding, tomorrow (figuratively) Podcasting. Hey, it could happen.

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