February 25, 2010

Laying in Supplies.

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Yesterday, in anticipation of the snow storm that was predicted for today (the weather peeps were right about that) and for tomorrow (looks like they might be right about that too), I made a trip to lay in some essential supplies. No, I did not go to the supermarket for bread, milk and eggs (had ‘em already). Instead, following the lead of my pal, Mr. Bingley, I went to the Mondo Liquor and Wine Emporium where I picked up some items that are essential to waiting out the storm:

A bit more than a case of wine (a mix of cabernets, merlots and some pino grigio)

A bottle of Bulleit Bourbon (a most excellent libation)

A bottle of Old Forester Bourbon (never tried this one before)

A bottle of Firefly Peach Sweet Tea Vodka

A bottle of Firefly Mint Sweet Tea Vodka; and

A bottle of Red Stag*** (cherry-infused bourbon)

I love to shop at the Mondo Liquor and Wine Emporium.

I’m ready for the farookin’ storm, for shit sure.

*** Props to Leslie for suggesting that I try Red Stag. I tried it the minute I returned from the Mondo Liquor and Wine Emporium, and my conclusion is that it is dangerously delicious.

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