February 27, 2010

Accent? Nah.

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1. During this morning’s groundpound, I noticed that a woman was backing her car out of her driveway. In the past, having almost been hit by a person backing a car out of a driveway, I stopped to wait for her to finish backing out. She stopped the car, but never looked at me. Seeing as how her backup lights were still on and she was still looking straight ahead, I continued to wait, rather than step behind the ton of potentially moving steel.

After about ten seconds, she turned in my direction and waved her hand out the window while saying, “Ga Head.” I understood her perfectly.

2. It occurs to me that, when in Jersey Mode, I pronounce the contraction “we’re” as “wur.”

3. Similarly, when in Jersey Mode, I pronounce “I’m” as “ahm.”

I figure everyone else toowaks wrong.

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