March 15, 2011

This Warms My Heart.

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Before we get to the part that warms my heart, this part frosts my stindeens:

Did you know that our federal government you and I employ a person with the title, “Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency?” Well, it’s true, and her name is Dr. Kathleen Hogan. By virtue of her title, I assume that her boss is the “Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency,” and I further assume that that person’s boss is the “Secretary for Energy Efficiency.” I won’t even hazard a guess as to how many drones toil away in the Department of Energy under these three wastes of spaces. Jesus H. Christ!

Anyway, back to the part that warms my heart. Please watch the video of Senator Rand Paul’s grilling of the good Dr. Kathleen Hogan on the subject of government intrusion into consumer choices when it comes to light bulbs, non-functioning eco-toilets and other things. He voiced my thoughts on the matter perfectly. Perhaps yours as well.

Her reaction blabbering bullshit is pure gold.

Kudos, Senator Paul!

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