June 13, 2011

The Old Westerns.

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When I was a boy, Westerns were the rage. We all had toy guns (the horror!) and played “Cowboys and Indians” (yet more horror!). Hell, it seemed that, at some point, most kids I knew got a cowboy (or cowgirl) outfit for Christmas. I know I did, and my mother took me off to Newark to have my picture taken in it. (No, I’m not posting the picture).

Things were simple. There were good guys, and there were bad guys. They were easy to tell apart, and the good guys always won out in the end. The bad guys got shot, but they never bled, and if a good guy got shot, it was always a “just a flesh wound” that could be easily tended to with a neckerchief.

I miss the cowboys.

Check out this great collection of Western stars. Turn up the volume.

Thanks to reader, Dick for the link and a pleasant few minutes.

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