June 26, 2011

Nuttin’ Yesterday.

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I didn’t post anything yesterday, because I had no internet access. I thought it would return in the normal course as it often does. It didn’t, and this morning we also had no phone service (both brought to you by Comcast). After enduring several prompt-ridden phone calls, I learned from a real person that my modem had to be “reset.” I cannot help but wonder what caused the modem to become “unset” in the first place. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t something I said.

Anyway, I schlepped upstairs to where the modem is to “reset” it. Wouldn’t you think that in a sane world there would be a button on the front of the modem that says, “Reset”? No such luck. I was crawling around on the floor sticking a bent paper clip into a teeny weeny hole in the back of the modem. Amazingly, the bent paper clip in the little hole fixed my internet and telephone problem.

There are just so many things I don’t understand.

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