July 11, 2011


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My dad used to play and sing this song during his regular kitchen concerts. So, the other day I was in the library looking through the CD collection, and I came across a CD by Van Morrison with Linda Gail Lewis, entitled “You Win Again.” At that moment, I recalled having listenined to an interview of Van Morrison (I believe by Imus) at which time Van said that his dad was a country music fan and that he (Van) grew up listening to country music. I immediately scarfed up the CD figuring that Van would kick ass and take names.

It’s a great CD, but Jambalaya simply knocked me out. There are many, many versions of the song (including a great one by Fats Domino), but this one grabbed me by the guts and wouldn’t let go.

I’m writing to the guys in the band to let them know that I want to do this tune in Colorado.

My dad sang the shit out of if, Van Morrison sang the shit out of it, and I plan on singing the shit out of it as well. That’s a promise. I picked up the guitar, and I think the key of A sounds about right.

Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the bayou.


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