November 1, 2011

Hysterics at Eric’s 2011.

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I have returned and pretty much recovered from the weekend festivities in Tennessee, which were mentioned in the previous post. I believe I have been attending this happening, hosted by Eric and his lovely and exceedingly tolerant wife, every year since 2005 (I had to miss it in 2009). Rather than do an extensive recap, I thought I would just jot down some snippets and let youse guys connect the dots. Ready? Here we go:

Moonshine-soaked maraschino cherries

Padron tequila

Chocolate alligator (a giftie from Elisson, who noted that I could symbolically take revenge on the horrid beasts by biting its head off)

Wood splitting (not by me; I am very fond of my fingers)

Big-ass fire in the fire pit outside

Eight ball

Trash talk

Christopher Walken imitations

Bob Dylan imitations

Arnold Schwarzenegger imitations

Quilting. No, really.

Epic billiards contest between Eric and Erica (a/k/a the “Wiseass Jooette”), in which Erica, with an impressive bank shot, recaptured her ring — the one that has been hanging in Eric’s garage since last year, as a result of a wee wager.


Take-out Mexican Food

1,680 round-trip miles (all with the Wiseass Jooette in the car – have moicey)

Civil war (and slightly post-civil war) clothing

Civil war weaponry

College football

Beer run

Ice run

One flat tire (Jerry)

Two cats

John Cox Artwork

Apricot Kugel (prepared by SWMBO)

Praline bacon (prepared by Elisson using a mini-blowtorch)

Denny and I (collectively, the “Elderly Brothers”) committing musical mayhem (We’re still gearing up for the Soft Food Tour)

Eric’s barbecued REE-yubs (with his homemade special sauce)

Photos, lots of photos (none by me)

Single malt scotches

Irish whiskey

Breakfast at the Tellico Junction Café (none of the coffee cups match) — one of my favorite places.

Biscuits and gravy

Bi-Lo Supermarket (pronounced BAH-lo)

Pumping my own gas, which is always an adventure (We don’t pump our own gas in Jersey)

Our Motto: “You can’t make this shit up.”

This year marked the first time that a portion of the craziness, including the aforementioned musical mayhem, was streamed live onto several blogs. I didn’t mind, seeing as how it is impossible for people watching on the computer to throw produce at us.

The Cast of Characters: Denny, Elisson and SWMBO, the Wiseass Jooette, Jerry, Boudicca, John Cox, Teresa, Big Stupid Tommy, K-nine, Rick, Georgia, Shadowscope, Rube, Anna, and, of course, our host and hostess, Eric and Mrs. SWG. (I don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone, but after one of these events, anything is possible.)

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