May 3, 2006


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In the wee hours of this morning, I noticed that at approximately 10:32 p.m., Eastern Time, the 200,000th visitor came through the door.  So, to the person from Hannah, Indiana who came here via Gut Rumbles, thank you.  Drop me an e-mail with your address, and I’ll be happy to send you an autographed picture of President Bush, provided you don’t mind if I sign his name.

It appears that others had already noticed that I hit the 200,000 mark, because the congratulatory e-mail began pouring in as early as last night.  Here is a sample:

Dear Jimbo,

I actually read your blog one time, and it is the greatest thing since stale bread.


Glenn Reynolds

Dear Jerkface who writes PRS,

We f**king hate you too!

Very truly yours,
American Society of Clowns

Dear Mr. Smartass – PRS

Your blog sucks.


Hillary Clinton

Dear Jimmy,So, this is what it has come to?  I always had you pegged for a real lemon.
With sadness,
Edna P. Johnson
Your Sixth Grade English Teacher
Dear Chickenshit,

We’d love to have you come down here – for lunch.

Sincerely,R. Lee Buchanan Owner, Big Swamp Alligator Farm

Dear Mr.-Thinks-He’s-So-Goddamned-Funny,
I liked your blog before I hated it.  Teresa and I print copies of your posts to use as asswipe.
Sen. John F. Kerry
Yo, Jimbo,
Me and my crew love your blog.  Any a youse got a problem wit dat?
Ass kickingly,
Tony Soprano
Damn, it’s cool to be cool.

NOTE:  The bizarre spacing in the e-mails is purely a function of WordPress being on crack.

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