May 31, 2006

What to Say?

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Possible things to say when the Feds find $90,000.00 in cash wrapped in aluminum foil inside Tupperware containers in your freezer.

1. “Oh my! I went to a covered dish party, and I must have taken the wrong dish home.”

2. “Money? I don’t know anything about any money! Karl Rove must have broken into my house and put that in my freezer. Damned Republicans!”

3. “Money? What money? A guy came to my front door and said he was afraid his fish sticks would thaw before he got home, and he asked me to put them in my freezer for him and that he would come by tomorrow to pick them up. What a jokester!”

4. “It’s not my money. I only borrowed it from a guy to use in connection with my private investigation of a Republican appliance repairman I suspect of being dishonest.”

5. “That’s not my freezer! Someone, probably a Republican, switched freezers.”

The one thing you should say when the Feds tell you that the $90,000.00 was comprised of the marked bills that they videotaped you accepting from an FBI Informant from whom you solicited a bribe.


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